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'''Hadith of Aden-Abyan''' ([[Arabic]]: حديث عدن أبين) is a prophecy revealed by the Islamic prophet [[Muhammad]] predicting the appearance of an army from the [[Aden]] and [[Abyan_Governorate|Abyan]] regions in [[Yemen]] who will make Islam victorious over its opponents.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.islamweb.net/emainpage/index.php?page=showfatwa&Option=FatwaId&Id=303817 |title=Army of 12 thousand men to emerge from Aden-Abyan and aid the religion |website=islamweb.net | accessdate=2018-07-15}}</ref>


In the [[Hadith]], the Prophet is reported to said:

{{Quote|text="Out of Aden-Abyan will come 12000, giving victory to the (religion of) Allah and His Messenger. They are the best between me and them." |sign=|source= Musnad of Imam Ahmad <ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.islamweb.net/emainpage/index.php?page=showfatwa&Option=FatwaId&Id=320869 |title=Hadeeth about 12,000 coming out of Aden-Abyan |website=islamweb.net | accessdate=2018-07-15}}</ref>}}


The Hadith refers to the apocalyptic events of the [[End_time|end of time]] which underlines the involvement of the people of western Arabia and their goal to establish Islamic rule. Recently, a militant organization named [[Aden-Abyan Islamic Army]] was founded in Yemen, to establish an Islamic government in Arabia.<ref>{{cite web|url=https://www.merip.org/mero/mero101800 |title=Yemen and the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army |website=merip.org | accessdate=2018-07-15}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=https://jamestown.org/program/the-resiliency-of-yemens-aden-abyan-islamic-army/ |title=The Resiliency of Yemen’s Aden-Abyan Islamic Army |website=jamestown.org | accessdate=2018-07-15}}</ref>

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