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Iqlab or Al-Iqlab (Arabic: الإقلابَ) means alternation/switching. It is one of the Tajweed rules in which Noon sakinah or Tanween is switched to Meem sakinah in its pronunciation.


After every Noon Saakinah or Tanween, if the letter baa (ب) follows, the sound must be flipped [i.e. changed] to the sound of the letter meem (م). This is represented by a little meem on top of the letter itself as shown below:


So the above, min b‘ad is sounds like mimm b‘ad when read.

Note: Do not confuse the full shaped meem (م) drawn above letters to indicate iqlaab, and the half meem (مـ) to indicated a Waqf-e-Lazim (compulsory stop).


Tahweel Al-shay’an wajh (Flipping)