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Kitab al-Fitan (Arabic: کتاب الفتن), or Kitab al Fitan wal Malahem meaning "The Book of Tribulations and War" is a collection of Hadith dealing with end times authored by Naim ibn Hammad from Basra.[1] The majority of scholars have described this work as trustworthy.[2]


The Book mentions various apocalyptic prophecies of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad (ﷺ) and other sources concerning:[3][4]

  • Signs of the end time
  • Ridda wars
  • Muslim conquest of Persia
  • Fall of Rome
  • First Fitna
  • Second Fitna
  • Third Fitna
  • Yamani
  • Sufyani
  • Khawarij
  • Rise of black flags
  • Hadith of Aden-Abyan
  • Mahdi
  • Fall of Constantinople
  • Ya'jooj and Ma'jooj
  • Dābbat al-Arḍ
  • Isa ibn Maryam
  • Dajjal


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